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It's here where we drop all the fancy jargon and hype and get down to to some serious brain-storming. For those of you who are first-time buyers/users, we've got all the FAQ's at the top of this page. FAQ simply means "Frequently Asked Questions". Feel free to browse on through. You can click on the email link to the left at any time to ask Igor questions of your own, or make a comment on what you've seen. We want to ensure your first experience purchasing a brain is as enjoyable as we can make it. Your brain's continued good health is just as important to us. Have a look at Brain Care for tips on keeping your brain in tip-top condition... When you're ready to have Igor get you that perfect brain, click on Build-a-Brain above.

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by looking at the individual components that make up a typical work station. The thing that really sticks out when you first sit down at the desk is the monitor. You'll notice two other things as well(aside from the usual picture of the cat/kids/dog/husband/wife and the fuzzy critter stuck to the side of the monitor), a keyboard and a mouse.

So let's talk about a typical 101 button keyboard. Gee, 101 buttons... am I ever going to use them all? Do I really need them? Most everyone's familiar with the term QWERTY (it stands for the first six characters of the top row of letters on a typical type-writer). Most English keyboards use the QWERTY layout (it's sort of universal). But hey, wait a minute... no typewriter EVER had "F" keys. And what about this Ctrl or Alt key? Don't panic... Igor has helped many people overcome that initial case of keyboard panic. Believe it or not, the brain can be a really big help here too.

Somewhere stuck off to one side (usually on the floor), is the CPU (or as Igor likes to call it - the brain). Brains that stand upright on the floor or desk are called towers. Ones that sit under your monitor are called desktops. Want to find out more? We've dissected a typical brain for you. Click on the buttons to the left to get a detailed description. Some people never get to participate in actual brain surgery, so we've included some rather graphic pictures (rated "G" so Mom and Dad can watch too).

When Igor's not busy helping customers he spends a lot of time listening to his favourite theme music. To hear it again, or to return to this page at any time, click on Igor's Home button above. We've done our best to ensure easy navigation throughout our site, with helpful buttons just where you most need them!

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